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What is Lipo Cavitation ?

Lipo Cavitation is a non Invasive alternative to Lipo surgery .Ultra sonic  Sound Waves and Radio Frequency waves are used to penetrate and break up stubborn fat cells In most cases instantly . 

How many sessions do I need ?

It is recommended a minimum of 4 sessions for Cavitation treatments in order to fully break through the fat cells , depending on size and goals for self more can be done . 

How often should I come ?

sessions should be done every 2-7 days , if sessions are longer than 7 days , the broken down fat may hardened 

Home care Post Cavitation?

1. Cardio 30-45 min for next 3 days after .

2. Drink plenty of water (Gallon is recommended depending on weight and size ) 

3.Herbal /Natural Detox Tea for next 3 days to rid the body of waste and toxins 

4.Waist Training - 4-8 hours a day for duration of Cavitation treatments . 

What should I avoid ?

Excessive salts , sugars , alcohol 

What should I do before my service ?

Drink plenty of water prior to your service . It is recommended not to eat at least 2 hours before service , if you do eat something lite .